Vodka On My Wheaties, By Ann Lloyd
Romance, adventure, mystery, celebrities

Vodka On My Wheaties was written during my confinement, at sixty-two, in my Rectangular Bubble, an all porcelain-lined trailer, due to a strange immune system disorder which rendered me unable to function in the "real world." Directed by a doctor to a remote colony of twenty-four people all trying to survive and heal away from the every day toxins of modern society, I remained there for ten years.

My memoir, which reads like a novel, is a humorous potpourri of real life happenings for a wide range of people to enjoy. I, an eccentric Auntie Mame type, was the only child of neurotic parents. I continued on through sixty-six years of not following the herd. Encounters with celebrities, collecting the art of Salvador Dali, and amazing serendipitous adventures, as well as narrowly escaping being murdered at twenty-one years old by my first husband - a prominent drug store magnate, twice my age - have filled my life with strange and exciting stories ready to be told.

After being widowed, and still a well-known Cleveland socialite, I continued my journey with world travel escapades. In the early 1950's my second husband and I, disillusioned with the decadent social scene, ventured out and discovered the tiny, rarely traveled "Lost Island of the Caribbean." Within six months we had completely packed up, with our three young children, leaving the old life and friends behind in Ohio, to pioneer a completely new world in the Bahamas. The scuba diving resort that we built and managed for fifteen years became quite well known. The three-hundred-year-old quaint all white settlement of eight hundred people in Spanish Wells charmed our guests. It was as if the clock had been turned back one hundred years.

Widowed a second time after my husband's fatal plane crash my children and I moved to Florida. Here the saga continued with the third husband, the purchase of a new tavern business, and bouts with substance abuse. After six years of sobriety, thanks to a Twelve Step program, I had a complete personality change which enabled me to face a bizarre illness with a positive approach towards healing. This was not the end of my life but a new beginning from which I gained much knowledge about myself, and finally the spiritual growth to continue with a happy and peaceful life. Through those years of recovering with my intuition more finely tuned, I have recorded even more intense observations and amazing insights during encounters with unusual humans and animals.

A bound manuscript of "Vodka On My Wheaties" is located in the archives of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Two newly published copies have recently been added to their museum library.