Vodka On My Wheaties

My memoir, which reads like a novel, is a humorous potpourri of real life happenings for a wide range of people to enjoy. The beginning chapters reveal that I was programmed from birth to march to the beat of a different drum. I was the only child of neurotic parents and it was not in my nature to follow the herd.

Married at eighteen to a prominent drug store magnate twice my age, I found myself, at the age of twenty-two, a widow. My second husband and our family settled down to build an exclusive out-island scuba diving resort in the Bahamas, which attracted the rich and famous. Widowed a second time after my husband's fatal plane crash my children and I moved to Florida, where the saga continued.

After six years of sobriety, thanks to a Twelve Step program, I had a complete personality change which enabled me to face a bizarre illness with a positive approach towards healing. This was not the end of my life but a new beginning from which I gained much knowledge about myself, and finally the spiritual growth to continue with a happy and peaceful life.

My book is filled with romance, mystery, celebrities, and many challenges. Join me on the adventure of a lifetime.

A bound manuscript of "Vodka On My Wheaties" is located in the archives of the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. Two newly published copies have recently been added to their museum library. 

​Ann Lloyd

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Publishers Weekly:
“Lloyd’s unconventional memoir is told with gusto and packed with honest, entertaining episodes…”

Midwest Book Review:
“Nothing about her is normal, and she shares her story well and leaves readers with humor and a strong message... an excellent read.”

KIRKUS Reviews:
“Romping, though Katherine Hepburn was dropped into one of Hunter S. Thompson’s fever dreams...The author’s tone is, luxury and plenty of camp – that the reader can’t help but be carried along with the swell... A survivor’s story.”

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By Ann Lloyd

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Blue Ink Review:
“Engaging memoir...a series of adventures...Lloyd rose from the ashes of her own fires – gives her story its undeniable flair – filled with a blizzard of bizarrely entertaining events.”

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