By Ann Lloyd

               Ann Lloyd

             Author Bio

At the age of nineteen Ann's photographs were displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Ann donated a one-hundred pound uncut fire opal (left in matrix) to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Built and operated the first scuba and skin diving resort in Spanish Wells, Bahamas

Received the Queen's Metal of Honor for the Spanish Wells, Bahamas, youth programs

Director of the Community Action Program in south Florida

Chairman of the Beautification Committee in North Miami Beach, FL

Author of  "Vodka On My Wheaties "

Author of  "Gizmo The Lonely Robucket"

Photos that represent chapters of Vodka On My Wheaties.

Lloyd's scuba diving instructor, Gail.

My husband, Peter Lloyd (right) with actor, James Franciscus (left).

Peter and Ann Lloyd ready for scuba diving.

Resort guest relaxing on the beach.


Ann Lloyd was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, in 1930, and was raised in Cleveland,  Ohio. She was the only child of a professor of Germanic languages at Western Reserve University (now Case Western Reserve University) and of an artist. Her Danish grandfather made his mark in the U.S. furniture industry by introducing the secrets of the Bentwood chairs and rockers.

Ann moved to Spanish Wells, Bahamas, where she and her husband built and operated the first scuba and skin diving resort. It became very well-known by the rich and famous. After operating the resort for fifteen years, Ann then relocated to North Miami Beach where she became a successful real estate agent.

In her middle fifties Ann found herself with a rare immune system disorder rendering her physically unable to work. She then moved to a remote colony and lived there for ten years in her "Rectangular Bubble."

At the age of 62, Ann wrote her memoir "Vodka On My Wheaties," which was published in 2010. At 84, Ann wrote her first children's book "Gizmo The Lonely Robucket," which was published in 2014.